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Handmaiden jedi guide

Link: Download Handmaiden jedi guide

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Is it even possible? I thought that I would have at least gotten the Handmaiden but nothing. There is the possibility of turning just about everyone to Jedi. GameFAQs has an Influence Guide by DSimpson. Follow the link andAfter the third sparring session, I was able to immediately turn her to a Jedi. A few playthoughs later, I'm basically following the same path as the above

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She will mention Handmaiden's Jedi heritage, unlocking a vital dialog option that . Additionally, you should now have all the pieces that you need to build your Jun 18, 2014 - How to Make the Handmaiden a Jedi in "Knights of the Old Republic II". One of Consult an Influence Guide to see what dialogue choices will If you get enough influence with the Handmaiden, you can learn more about her Eventually, this will grant

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Email addresses are not posted in the guide, unless you specifically state that . Telos - Hidden Jedi Base - When you get Bao-Dur out of his cell, tell him that it She later served along with her five half-sisters as a handmaiden to Jedi .. Tionne's statements in The Essential Guide to the Force indicated Brianna slew You had a vision here that Kreia guided you through, and you'll guide Mira through hers. Bao-Dur can only become a jedi through raisingReturn to secret academy.turning handmaiden Jedi3 posts26 Jun 2007Bao-Dur a jedi??? - Star Wars: Knights of the Old 14 posts25 May 2005handmaiden? - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 15 posts14 Mar 2005Handmaiden to Jedi Knight15 posts15 Dec 2004More results from www.neoseeker.comTraining Party Members as Jedi? - The KotOR2 Universe - Obsidian › › The KotOR2 UniverseCachedSimilarSep 23, 2007 - 3 posts - ?3 authorsHandmaiden: Sparring(you need to be at lvl 18 and sparr with her at least 3 times)and and LS actions are the only way to get her to be a Jedi.Turning your compagnions into sith12 posts23 Feb 2009Converting Others to Jedi?10 posts24 Jun 2008Handmaiden -> Jedi/Conversation failure12 posts5 Apr 2007[pWIKI] Influence Guide20 posts11 Dec 2004More results from forums.obsidian.netHow do you make the handmaiden and bau-dur jedi? - Star our full, in depth game guides Game Cheats Our latest Cheats, Hints and Codes Achievements & Trophies Find achievements and hints to unlock them.

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